Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) students have the opportunity to take one or more online courses while attending their school of primary enrollment (on a part-time basis). A learner may also enroll, on a full-time basis, completing middle school or earning a high school diploma at MNPS Virtual School.

MNPS Virtual School combines a rigorous academic program with extensive learning support to create an extraordinary online experience. Our regarded faculty of virtual teacher-scholars are highly qualified and thoroughly educated in their respective fields. Further, MNPS Virtual School offers low student-to-teacher ratios reinforcing a culture of achievement and support.

MNPS Virtual School currently offers several focused pathways for our full-time students graduating from our institution. Learners may enroll in The Virtual Academy of Business & Technology and complete a focused area of study in business, coding, entrepreneurship, or web design. Students may also complete an Advanced Placement (AP) pathway. In partnership with Nashville State Community College (NSCC), full-time students may also complete all Dual Enrollment (DE) courses as an area of focused study. Not only are the above offerings available for our full-time students but part-time learners as well!

Advanced Placement Courses & Pathway Option

MNPS Virtual School is excited to offer students the opportunity to take advantage of CollegeBoard approved Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Learners earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the admissions process, and learn from some of the most skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teacher-scholars. Make no mistake about it, MNPS Virtual School‘s AP courses are rigorous and students should be prepared to commit ten to fifteen hours of learning, per week, per course. The only difference between an online AP course and one offered at a brick-and-mortar school is the online delivery method. All AP courses offered are CollegeBoard approved and may be transferred to any other Metropolitan Nashville Public School (MNPS) high school. For full-time students, MNPS Virtual School even offers an AP focused pathway of study! To learn which AP courses are currently being offered by MNPS Virtual School, please visit our v-Course Catalog. Questions regarding AP options can be directed to Mrs. Adrienne McNew, Dean of v-Student Affairs, via telephone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 748611 or via email to

Dual Enrollment / Dual credit courses & pathway options

MNPS Virtual School has a long-standing partnership with Nashville State Community College (NSCC) affording full-time juniors and seniors the opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment (DE) options and the ability to earn college credit. MNPS Virtual School also offers several Dual Credit (DC) options. Both opportunities allow students to work towards a college degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma, encouraging post-secondary education and acceleration of post-secondary attainment. Moreover, this collaborative allows students the opportunity to take all college courses, online, and in a similar format and structure to that of MNPS Virtual School! Our Dual Enrollment (DE) partnership is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and allows full-time students to participate at limited-to-no cost. Even better, full-time learners can take three Dual Enrollment (DE)/Dual Credit (DC) courses to satisfy the focused area of study (for high school graduation purposes). To learn more about Dual Enrollment (DE) and Dual Credit (DC) options, as well as eligibility requirements, please contact Mrs. Adrienne McNew, Dean of v-Student Affairs, via telephone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 748611 or via email to