MNPS Virtual School is committed to hiring world-class talent to join our dynamic team of educators. We are currently collecting information from strong candidates interested in joining our team.

Openings are posted on the MNPS Career Portal and accessible by selecting Search Vacancies. To review the job description for a teacher position, select the posting. Individuals interested in teaching at MNPS Virtual School should apply for openings via the MNPS Career Portal. Please do not send resumes directly to MNPS Virtual School. Instead, follow the instructions to apply online. General inquires may be directed to MNPS Virtual School via the school email, located below. Thank you for your interest in MNPS Virtual School!

MNPS Virtual School is just like any other public school with the exception that our courses are online. All teachers are hired by and employees of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) district. Unlike most schools, however, MNPS Virtual School has full-time and part-time teachers. Part-time teachers, also known as teachers, instructors, and adjuncts, are hired semester-to-semester and based upon student enrollment. Like all other public schools, Tennessee state law requires that virtual teachers are (1) certified with a current Tennessee license, (2) endorsed in the teaching area, and (3) qualified under No Child Left Behind.

Instructing online is demanding and definitely not for everyone. Effective teachers have superior computer and technology skills using those abilities to engage with learners asynchronously. Instructors also spend more time teaching online than a typical brick-and-mortar class might require. More, successful teachers have superior communications skills, both written and oral, and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills. Online teaching further requires extreme flexibility and availability to students and families.

At MNPS Virtual School, teachers utilize a learning management system, or LMS, as well as other digital communication technologies, to teach, facilitate, and coach learners to ultimate mastery of course learning targets. MNPS Virtual School acquires, adapts, or creates asynchronous courses aligned with Tennessee State Standards. Utilizing pre-developed courses, instructors are able to focus solely on teaching and learning. Our asynchronous courses allow teachers and students to access and participate, at different times, not needing to be online simultaneously. Courses additionally offer a wide array of experiences to meet a variety of learning styles. Assignments formats include lessons, collaborative and individual projects, gaming, class forums, synchronous learning opportunities, virtual field trips and labs, and much more. Finally, each course has a proctored final exam which is required to earn credit.

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"Teaching at MNPS Virtual School virtually changed the way I see education and learning. I feel like our school allows students to learn without limits."

Mr. Columbus Cody, Lifetime Wellness with Physical Education