Counselor's Corner

Welcome to MNPS Virtual School’s Counseling Department!

MNPS Virtual School has one school counselor, Mrs. Adrienne McNew. Mrs. McNew works with all full-time MNPS Virtual School students.  As a professional school counselor, Adrienne coordinates all services and programs supporting the academic, college, and career development of learners, as well as the social and emotional growth of students. To learn more about our school counseling program and services, navigate this page for additional resources and helpful tips. You can also contact our School Counselor, Mrs. Adrienne McNew, at (615) 463-0188 ext. 748611 or via email to

Mission & Beyond:

The mission of MNPS Virtual School is to “provid[e] Middle Tennessee students with an accessible, individualized, and empowering education to cultivate self-motivated citizens who are college, career, and community ready.” The mission of MNPS Virtual School’s Counseling Program is “to guide and support students embarking on their virtual educations offering assistance in the following areas of development: academic, social and emotional, as well as college and career. MNPS Virtual School’s Counseling Program is dedicate to the following:

  • Recognizing students’ individual strengths, while supporting and navigating individual challenges,

  • Growing developmental skills to build positive relationships with peers, adults, and the community,

  • Inspiring student achievement and life-long learning,

  • Developing productive habits, such as initiative and self-advocacy, which benefit students in pursuing post-secondary goals and beyond, and

  • Fostering student ownership of current and future college and career endeavors.

After graduating from MNPS Virtual School and participating in our school counseling program, students demonstrate high levels of integrity, show compassion towards others, and become contributing members of society.

Title: Dean of Student Affairs & School Counseling

Office Hours: 8:00AM CDT- 2:00PM CDT , Monday-Thursday; By Appointment Only on Friday.


Phone: (615) 463-0188 ext. 748611

“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World…“



Student Resources & beyond

Below you will find additional school, community, and national information and resources for students.

MNPS Virtual School Contacts:

Help/Support Hotlines:

  • Emergency: 9-1-1

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255)

  • Centerstone 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1 (800) 681-7444

  • Centerstone 24-Hour Crisis Text: 1 (844) 899-TEXT (8398)

  • Nashville Mobile Crisis: 1 (615) 726-0125

Community Resources:


Academics & beyond

Below you will find additional academic-related information and resources for students.

  • Middle School Options: MNPS Virtual School is excited to offer a middle school program for grades six through eight. A typical schedule for a middle school student includes Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and a Related Arts course. Advanced and Honors options are also available in some core classes. Middle students meeting qualifications may also enroll in High School level courses. Note: Please contact MNPS Virtual School’s Counseling Office for more information.

  • High School Options: MNPS Virtual School is also excited to offer a high school program for grades nine through twelve. In addition to the “core content” required for graduation purposes, our school also offers Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment options. As a full-time student, learners can also enroll in The Virtual Academy of Business & Technology. Further, MNPS Virtual School partners with Nashville State Community College (NSCC) for Dual Enrollment course options. Note: Please contact MNPS Virtual School’s Counseling Office for more information.

  • Giving Back! With the flexibility that online learning offers, many students choose to volunteer. A few options are listed below, but please expand your search based on your individual interests.

  • Getting Involved! Virtual School offers several educational and social opportunities for students. Learn more below.


College, Career, & Beyond

Below you will find additional college and career information and resources for students.

  • Graduation Requirements:

    • MNPS Virtual School Graduation Requirements (Click Here)

    • ACT Requirement: Prior to graduation, all Tennessee students must sit for a national assessment (either the ACT or SAT). This is mandated by Tennessee Code Annotated (i.e., state law). Every MNPS student has the opportunity to take the ACT, at no cost, during the spring semester of the junior year. Graduating seniors do not receive a high school diploma until completion of the ACT assessment.

    • Citizenship Test Requirement: Prior to graduation, all Tennessee students must successfully complete a “citizenship test.” This is mandated by Tennessee Code Annotated (i.e., state law). MNPS Virtual School has this assessment available, online, for full-time seniors. Please contact Mr. Charles “Van” Hawk, v-Student Support Specialist, at with any questions or concerns about this requirement.

  • National ACT & SAT Testing Information & Dates: (Additional Information is Available on the Below Websites)

  • College & Career Planning:

  • Money for College:

    • FAFSA

      • FAFSA Application: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is a required step in the awarding of both state and federal aid.

      • Deadlines: This application opens October 1st and closes February 1st each year.

      • Submit the FAFSA Application (Click Here)  

    • Hope Scholarship: The Hope Scholarship is awarded based upon student information provided via the FAFSA application. Students must graduate from high school with a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 or earn at least a 21 composite score on the ACT.

    • TNPromise Scholarship:

      • Application: A student must apply by the application deadline during the fall semester of his or her senior year as well as meet other deadlines throughout the school year.

      • Learn More About TNPromise (Click Here)

    • Other Scholarships: Additional scholarship and grant notifications are sent out regularly to full-time students.

    • Don’t Know Where to Start? Are you lost? Not sure where to start? Set-up a student account at College for Tennessee. (Click Here) to access the website.

  • Other Important Information: