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V-School FAQs

Is V-School a Homeschool?

No, but we are a great public school alternative! MNPS Virtual School is an accredited public school within Metro Nashville Public Schools. Certified MNPS teachers oversee each of our courses, and students who graduate from MNPS Virtual School earn a Tennessee high school diploma. Content is provided online, and students can work from home; however, they can also work anywhere they have an Internet connection and a reliable device.

Does V-School Have Open Enrollment?

What is Full-Time Enrollment?

What is Part-Time Enrollment?

I Do Not Currently Attend a MNPS School and/or I Live Outside of Davidson County. Can I Attend V-School?

What Does V-School Cost?

How Do I Sign-up for V-School?

When Do I Have to Login to My Classes?

Do Students Have to Physically Attend V-School for Any On-Campus Requirements?

Can I Work at My Own Pace?

Are There Teachers to Help Me?

Are There Any Books?

Are There Any Social/Educational Activities?

Is There Tutoring?

How Do You Complete PE Online?

How Do You Complete Science Labs/Experiments Online?

What Kind of Device Do I Need?

What Types of Students Find Success at V-School?

What If I Enroll and Realize V-School is Not the Best Educational Environment for Me?

Is There a Summer Option?