High School Course Catalog

High School Course Catalog: 2023 - 2024

MNPS Virtual School offers all core courses required to graduate high school, consistent with Tennessee's Diploma Project. Course offerings in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Sciences, Foreign Languages, Lifetime Wellness, Physical Education, and Fine Arts are listed herewith for reference purposes. Some courses also have an honors option for students desiring increased rigor and depth of the learning experience. For graduation requirements and information on Advanced Academics, visit the Academics section of the High School Counselor's Corner.

Course offerings are also available via The Virtual Academy of Business and Technology and Advanced Academics. MNPS Virtual School also has a standing partnership with Nashville State Community College (NSCC), allowing full-time juniors and seniors to participate in virtual and onsite Dual Enrollment courses, earning high school and college credit. More, our school offers Dual Credit courses. For more information on all the high school offerings at MNPS Virtual School, please review the Course Catalog presented.

Contact Mrs. Bauman, School Counselor, for more information on course offerings and eligibility.