Introducing Mrs. Renee Hodges and Mr. Caleb Humphreys

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. MNPS Virtual School is proud to announce two new hires for the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Caleb Humphreys has been hired as a full-time teacher. Mrs. Renee Hodges has been hired as the Administrator of Records, School Finance, and Payroll. Both team members bring a wealth of experience and excitement to their posts.

Mr. Humphreys is teaching Social Studies and Science for both middle and high school students. This is his sixth year of teaching. Humphreys is happy to bring his talents to MNPS Virtual School. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the Virtual School family,” said Mr. Humphreys. “This is a fantastic place for students to learn and a great environment for teachers.” As a full-time teacher, Mr. Humphrey is on location to help students excel in their courses.

After years of working in the education realm, Mrs. Hodges brings her experience and skills to MNPS Virtual School. “I am very delighted to be at Virtual School,” said Mrs. Hodges. “This is such a happy and positive place to work. I love that the focus is always on students.” Hodges oversees many of the administrative functions of our school.  

Dr. James Vince Witty, Executive Principal of MNPS Virtual School states, “I am so excited to welcome Mr. Caleb Humphreys and Mrs. Renee Hodges to our school.” Witty continues, “They both bring amazing talents that will directly benefit the students of MNPS Virtual School.” Help the faculty and staff of our school welcome both individuals to their respective posts.

ABOUT MNPS VIRTUAL SCHOOL. MNPS Virtual School is Tennessee’s first, highest-achieving virtual school. MNPS Virtual School combines rigorous academics with a variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies addressing the unique needs, interests, aspirations, and backgrounds of our diverse population of students—creating an extraordinary online learning experience.