VS Student, Ahmed Alnassari, Sits Down for a "Q" and "A" with Mrs. Healy

Blog Contributor: Mrs. Nikki Healy

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. In this week’s blog post, Mrs. Nikki Healy sits down for a “Q” and “A” with 8th grade student, Ahmed Alnassari. Learn more about why he attends MNPS Virtual School. More, Alnassari shares some tips for new students.

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): Why does MNPS Virtual School work for you (instead of, for instance, your zone school)?

Ahmed Alnassari (A): I think the reason this school works for me is because I do not have to be worried and scared of what might happen at school. I also have a chance to be alone and focused. I always do my work in my room, so I am relaxed. This school has also allowed me to be myself and not worry about other kids creating problems in my school.

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): What has been your favorite MNPS Virtual School course and why?

Ahmed Alnassari (A): I actually have two favorite courses. One of them is Science and another one is World History. The reason I like World History is because I am able to learn about many events that happened in our past. I am also able to learn a lot about my culture and religion, too. 

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): What three pieces of advice would you give a new MNPS Virtual School student?

Ahmed Alnassari (A): 

  1. Always try your best and get ahead.

  2. Don't hesitate to ask your parent or guardian a question (it always works for me).

  3. Always show respect to others and don't get distracted by games or videos. Trust me - you really don't want to waste time!

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