The Benchmark Exam Window Opens Soon!

Benchmark F2019.png

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. Benchmark testing begins Monday, September 30, 2019 and runs through Friday, October 18, 2019. All students should be prepared to complete benchmarks, in Schoology, next week. The goal of the benchmark is to identify any gaps between what students know now, and what students will need to know for the TNReady and/or EOC exam! 

Students will earn full credit for completing the online benchmark. Grades on this assignment are not based on the percentage answered correctly, but rather on completion. Once students complete the benchmark, teachers will analyze student results. Teachers will then create an individualized assignment to help bridge any learning gaps identified. Students should be sure to complete the benchmark, on-time, in order to provide the teacher with enough time to create the individualized assignment.

Students enrolled in the following courses must complete the benchmark next week:

  • 6 English Language Arts

  • 6 Mathematics

  • 6 Science

  • 6 Social Studies

  • 7 English Language Arts

  • 7 Mathematics

  • 7 Science

  • 7 Social Studies

  • 8 English Language Arts

  • 8 Mathematics

  • 8 Science

  • 8 Social Studies

  • Integrated Math I

  • Integrated Math II

  • Integrated Math III

  • English I

  • English I H

  • English II

  • English II H

  • US History

  • Biology

How to Access the Benchmark Exams:

  • Step 1: Go to the “Materials” page of the course.

  • Step 2: Click on “My Benchmark Exam & Inquiry-Based Task.”

  • Step 3: Open “My Benchmark Exam” and get started!

Benchmark Rules:

  • Do not search for the answers online.

  • Do not use notes to complete the exam.

  • Work independently!

  • Read the directions carefully.

  • Do your best!

Remember, do not search for answer, use notes, or solicit the help of others.  If you do, teachers will not know what you actually understand. Thus, teachers will be unable to help you grow and fully prepare for the TNReady and/or EOC exam.

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