Counselor's Corner

MNPS Virtual School Counseling Department

Mission & Beyond

The mission of MNPS Virtual School's Counseling Program is to guide and support students embarking on their virtual education, offering assistance in the following areas of development: academic, social and emotional, as well as college and career. MNPS Virtual School's Counseling Program is dedicated to the following:

  • Recognizing students' individual strengths while supporting and navigating individual challenges,
  • Growing developmental skills to build positive relationships with peers, adults, and the community,
  • Inspiring student achievement and life-long learning,
  • Developing productive habits, such as initiative and self-advocacy, which benefit students in pursuing post-secondary goals and beyond, and
  • Fostering student ownership of current and future college and career endeavors.

After graduating from MNPS Virtual School and participating in our school counseling program, students demonstrate high levels of integrity, show compassion towards others, and become contributing members of society.