Executive Leadership & Teachers

MNPS Virtual School is like any other public school, except our courses are online, with students learning at a distance. All teachers are hired by and employees of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) district. Unlike most schools, however, Virtual School has full-time and part-time teachers. Part-time teachers, also known as instructors and adjuncts, are hired semester-to-semester based on course enrollment. Like other schools, Tennessee State Law requires that teachers are:

  1. Certified with a current Tennessee teaching license.
  2. Endorsed in the teaching area.
  3. Highly qualified under No Child Left Behind.

Instructing online is demanding and only for some teachers. Instructors typically spend more time in their virtual course(s) than a typical brick-and-mortar course might require. A virtual teacher's essential function is to ensure all students' ultimate academic success enrolled in a course. A teacher utilizes the learning management system (LMS) and other instructional technologies to teach, facilitate, and coach students to achieve mastery of all course learning targets and objectives. Teachers must possess superior communication skills, both written and oral, demonstrating exceptional customer service skills.