What are students, families, and teachers saying about MNPS Virtual School?


  • "I'm so thankful for the support of MNPS Virtual school! Everyone is amazing!"
  • "The virtual school and the teachers are absolutely amazing they go above and beyond to reach out they are very understandable they really make our lives very very easy."
  • "I love how the staff reaches out when they have concerns."
  • "I love the current relationship between my daughter’s school and I. My daughter is doing well in school and is very responsive towards her teacher. I love the consistent feedback from her teacher. It helps us all at home stay on track, especially if issues are present that could be causing educational distractions. Thank you all so much for working so hard!"
  • "Communication has been great. I am happy with all of the information that I receive, letting me know about events and testing dates in advance, so that we can plan ahead for them."
  • "MNPS Virtual is awesome wish more special education kids could have the opportunity to learn in a safe supportive environment."


  • "I like how welcoming my school is and how it has helped me since I am dyslexic. My school is honestly incredible, and I am extremely grateful for it."
  • "I like the flexibility that I have, and this school allows me to learn many different skills that I haven't been able to learn in in-person school. but I feel like I have learned many skills due, such as time management and stopping procrastination, and scheduling skills."
  • "What I like best about my school is whenever I need help I can book a meeting with a teacher or message/call them its the most thing that had helped me. Also, I like when we play games, its so fun."
  • "What I like best about my school would be how I am able to work independently on my assignments, mindfulness week, events at the virtual school that allows students to connect with each other."
  • "Teachers and staff members care about the students."
  • "I like that my school chooses to give everyone a chance, and they're there for them if they need a little help."
  • "When we go inside of the school and have events and just spend time with your classmates and your friends is just really loving and caring."
  • "I get to do all my work from home at my own pace because all the work is due by the end of the week so I sort out how much work i do daily."


  • "The most positive aspect of teaching at MNPS Virtual School is the professionalism of the administration. They are capable and knowledgeable as well as helpful and kind. Advice and assistance are always just an email away."
  • "I appreciate working in a school building where it is evident that the people enjoy their jobs. They consistently work hard for the students, their coworkers, and the school community."
  • "The administrations and staff are a good group of people to work with. They all care and all bring different strengths to the table."