Why Enroll

Why MNPS Virtual is Right for You

Explore all the great reasons to enroll at MNPS Virtual School and review enrollment opportunity information.

  • First-Rate Teacher Scholars
    MNPS Virtual School has first-rate teacher-scholars who support every student every day to reach mastery of learning.
  • Innovative & Advanced Courses
    MNPS Virtual School provides innovative courses, ensuring students meet graduation requirements. Students also have opportunities to enroll in advanced courses to earn college credit, including Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment (DE), and Dual Credit (DC) course options.
  • Devices
    Every student is provided a device.
  • Virtual Learning is the Future
    MNPS Virtual School offers students the opportunity to learn online using the latest platforms. With colleges and industries requiring online courses, our courses prepare students for college and careers.
  • Ditch the Drama
    MNPS Virtual School allows students to ditch school drama and focus solely on academics, learning, and self-development.
  • Focused on Learning
    MNPS Virtual School focuses on mastery learning, where students are provided multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding to achieve academic success.
  • Student Centered
    MNPS Virtual School learners and parents appreciate our caring faculty and staff. Students have access to numerous academic, social, and emotional supports provided by highly-qualified professionals.
  • Reputation for Achieving
    MNPS Virtual School is the highest-achieving virtual school in Tennessee and one of the highest-achieving schools in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). Our school has a reputation for achievement and student success.
  • 24-7 Learning
    Courses at MNPS Virtual School are accessible 24-7, providing students with additional time to learn, study, and submit coursework at their convenience.
  • Flexibility
    MNPS Virtual School offers students the flexibility to work ahead within a course at their own pace.
  • Student Support
    Exceptional education and related services are provided with virtual and in-person options.
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities
    Students have the opportunity to participate in athletics and other extra-curricular activities at their designated zoned school.