VS Student Handbook

MNPS Virtual School Student Handbook

The MNPS Virtual School Student Handbook provides all stakeholders with relevant information for successful learning, engagement, and partnering experience. It is essential to read the Student Handbook in its entirety because it contains important policies, procedures, and practices of MNPS Virtual School. The Student Handbook is also a learning and planning guide for the 22-23 school year.

Policies are adopted courses of action that all stakeholders are expected to know, follow, and abide by. Procedures are anticipated steps or processes to be followed in given circumstances. Procedures may also clarify how to abide by certain policies. Practices are recommended actions to be modeled or followed. If you have any questions regarding the material presented herein or other related questions, please do not hesitate to contact MNPS Virtual School.

Handbook Disclaimer (Policies & Procedures)

The information in the Virtual School Student Handbook is subject to change with or without notice. At a minimum, the Handbook is reviewed and updated annually and is intended as a general source of information. Virtual School reserves the right to modify, at any time, our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure the effective, efficient, and lawful operation of our school.

MNPS Virtual School is a public school governed by Tennessee state and common law, Tennessee State School Board Policy, as well as the policies and procedures adopted by the School Board of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) district. Further, MNPS Virtual School abides by all applicable Federal laws in addition to Federal common law. Students, parents, teachers, and other partners should remain up-to-date on all applicable policies, procedures, practices, and laws—as well as remain in compliance with those governing authorities.